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Mosquito Guard with Flea & Tick Control Leaf Services Spring Clean-Up Organic-Based Lawn Treatments Outdoor Lighting Maintenance Home Pest Control Bed Mulch and Edge Tree & Shrub Treatment Beautiful Beds Fall Lawn Aeration Winter Protectant Season Wrap Up Gutter Cleaning Sprinkler Systems Lawn Cutting Deer Repellant

Mosquito Guard with Flea & Tick Control

What: A mist of a solution to repel mosquitoes from ground level to about 15-feet above the ground primarily on shrubs and plants while controlling fleas and ticks in grasses. The repellents also limit 30 other insects.

When: Every 4-6 weeks beginning in April.


Leaf Services

What: Removal of leaves from lawn areas to help promote healthy turf-grass and removal of accumulated leaves from the bed areas at the end of the season.
When: Weekly from about November 1 to December 20 on same day of each week.
-- or --
Removal of leaves from lawn areas to help promote healthy turf-grass and removal of accumulated leaves from the bed areas at the end of the season.
When: Three times from November 1 to December 20.

Plus Service
What: With each visit we optionally will vacuum leaves instead of leaving them at the curb for the town to pick up.


Spring Clean-Up

What: A thorough cleaning of leaves and debris from you lawn, bed areas, patios, walkways and from behind structures. Excessive debris can harbor insects and pests and your property will look great again after the long winter.

When: Between March 1 and April 10.

Organic-Based Lawn Treatments

A fully organic program for lawn and soil health. It does not directly treat weeds, crabgrass or insects but indirectly makes the area less hospitable for them. We use Holganix, containing beneficial microorganisms and microbial food sources to optimize soils and grow healthier, more sustainable plants.
When: Five times a year: Early spring (March 15 - May 1), spring (May 1 - June 15), summer (June 15 - Aug 1), late summer (Aug 1 - Sep 15) and fall (Sept 15 - Nov 15),
-- or --

What: An organic-based program with chemical additives to treat weeds and insects. Holganix contains beneficial microorganisms and microbial food sources. We add the chemical prodiamine for crabgrass prevention, Surge for broadleaf weed control, Bifenthrin for chinch bug and surface control, and Imidacloprid for grub control.
When: Five times a year: Early spring, spring, summer, late summer and fall.
-- or --

What: A comprehensive, organic-based program that adds soil tests in the spring and aeration in the fall. Chemical additives treat fungus, weeds and insects. Holganix, which contains beneficial microorganisms and microbial food sources, optimizes soils. The chemical Prodiamine is added for for crabgrass prevention, Surge for broadleaf weed control, Bifenthrin for chinch bug and surface control, Imidacloprid for Grub control and the fungicide Propiconazole.
When: Nine monthly visits from March through November

Outdoor Lighting Maintenance

What: Visits to clean, adjust and ensure the function of your low-voltage, outdoor lighting system. We adjust the light fixtures for proper illumination of the targeted plants or structure, clean the interior and exterior of the light fixtures, spray with anti corrosive silicone spray to the internal parts of the fixtures, check above grade wiring junctions, and the transformer, and e-bury any exposed wires.

When:  Early March, July, and November or December.

Home Pest Control

What: An insecticide program to help prevent insects like ants, crickets, centipedes and spiders in and around your home.

When: Three times per year: mid-April, early August and early November.

Bed Mulch and Edge

We clean the beds, hand cut a new edge and install hardwood mulch. Cedar, Hemlock, Root and dyed mulches are also available. This helps suppress weeds, moderate soil temperature and retain moisture.
When: Recommended for the spring but can be done at other times during the growing season.

Plus Service
: Application of a Snapshot©, granular chemical, before mulching to help suppress weed growth.
When: During the same visit as mulching.

Tree & Shrub Treatment

What: To deter insects and improve the health of your plants, we provide a 3-visit program consisting of one horticultural oil spraying followed by two deep root or drench treatments. We use horticultural or dormant oil during the first treatment followed by Holganix and PCH bio-nutrient fertilizer for the second and third treatments.

When: A two week window near March 1 (oil), March 30 (fertilizer) and September 15 (fertilizer).

Beautiful Beds

Recurring visits to prune plants, weed beds and monitor for pests or other potential issues with your landscape. We most commonly hand prune to promote healthy re-growth, but occasionally shear plants as appropriate.
When: Monthly visits run from April to December.

Prune plants and monitor for pests or other potential issues with your landscape. Weeding of the beds during these visits can be performed upon request
When: Two visits a year: mid summer and mid fall.

Fall Lawn Aeration

What: Mechanically perforating the soil and pulling up small plugs reduces compaction. This allows air, water and nutrients to reach the grass roots more easily to encourage deeper growth and produce a stronger, more vigorous lawn. Overseeding the existing law is done at the rate of 4 lbs. per 1,000 sf. and starter fertilizer is added.

When: The fall seeding season, from about August 20 to October 15.

Winter Protectant

What: Applications of an anti-desiccant oil on broadleaf and needled evergreens to reduce moisture loss caused by cold winter winds. This helps your plans survive the winter and is especially important on newer plants or those not sheltered from strong winds.

When: Every 45 days during the winter months as weather permits.

Season Wrap Up

What: A flexible service that will do what it takes to get you ready for winter. We can cut back perennials, dispose of annuals, remove soil from planters and store them if necessary. We can store outdoor furniture and remove leaves from lawn and beds if you don't already have our leaf removal service.
When: November through winter.

Gutter Cleaning

What: A thorough cleaning and flushing of organic debris from your house's gutters to ensure water flows freely away from the house foundation.

When: Around June 1, November 15 and December 15.

Sprinkler Systems

 A program to startup, adjust through the year, and shut down your sprinkler system.
When: Spring starts with inspection and system start-up, At the start of summer we increase water flow and the fall we reduce it as the watering needs change. Before freeze sets in we blow out lines with compressed air to winterize.
-- or --
What: A one-time visit to shutdown the system to prevent freeze damage. We use pressurized air to blow out all the lines.
When: Starts mid October and ideally is concluded before regular frosts.

Lawn Cutting

 Weekly lawn cutting, line trimming and blowing debris from driveways, decks and walkways. A weekly, consistent cut is extremely important for healthy turf-grass.
When: Early April through the end of October.
-- or --
What: Weekly lawn cutting, line trimming and debris removal using electric trimmers, mowers and quiet leaf blowers for lower noise and no air pollution.

Lawn service is offered in limited areas. Please call for details

Deer Repellant

What:A spray repellent that will keep deer away from your valuable plants and trees. We use "eco-friendly" Deer-Out©, a menthol based repellent and will occasionally change the product for effectiveness.

When: Every 30 to 45 days depending on the season.