Scape-Abilities Will Keep the Lights On and the Sprinklers Flowing

Maintenance of your property is an ongoing project, so Scape-Abilities is a year-round company working to ensure all aspects of your property are looked after through out the entire year.

From gutters to outdoor lighting fixtures and sprinkler start-up and winterizing, our skilled property maintenance crews will keep your property in top-shape.

And that frees you up to enjoy more of your weekends.

Sprinkler, Lighting & Gutter Maintenance

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Installing an irrigation system is only the first step in ensuring a well-maintained and watered lawn and landscape. Our irrigation specialists will manage your system in ways that are not only water-sensitive and environmentally friendly, but also cost effective

System Management 

  • Starting up in the spring to test the system, adjusting through the year and shutting down your sprinkler system at the end of the growing season.

Fall Shut-Down

  • Shutting down and draining your system throughly with the use of pressurized air will help protect against damage to lines, heads and copper backflow assemblies caused by freezing.
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Lighting & Gutters

Lighting Maintenance


  • What: Visits to clean, adjust and ensure the function of your low-voltage, outdoor lighting system. We adjust the light fixtures for proper illumination of the targeted plants or structure, clean the interior and exterior of the light fixtures, coat with anti corrosive silicone spray to the internal parts of the fixtures, check above grade wiring junctions, and the transformer, and bury any exposed wires.
  • When: Early March, July, and November or December.


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Gutter Cleaning


  • What: A thorough cleaning and flushing of organic debris from your house’s gutters to ensure water flows freely away from the house foundation.
  • When: Around June 1, November 15 and December 15.


End-of-Season Wrap Up

Winter Protectanthouse icon

  • What: Applications of an anti-desiccant oil on broad-leaf and needled evergreens to reduce moisture loss caused by cold winter winds. This helps your plans survive the winter and is especially important on newer plants or those not sheltered from strong winds.
  • When: Every 45 days during the winter months as weather permits.

Season Wrap-Up

  • What: A flexible service that will do what it takes to get you ready for winter. We can cut back perennials, dispose of annuals, remove soil from planters and store them if necessary. We can store outdoor furniture and remove leaves from lawn and beds if you don’t already have our leaf removal service.
  • When: November through winter.


Scape-Abilities evergreen trees in winter

Where We Work



Scape-Abilities has been serving customers in the New Jersey counties of Union and Somerset since 1991. 

You can see our crews hard at work in these towns:

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