Scape-Abilities Will Have Your Property Made in the Shade and the Sun.

The plantings around your landscape should anchor, beautify and enhance the overall look and feel of your property.

From trees to shrubs to annual and perennial flowers, our experts will make your you have the right plant in the right place. And once it’s there, we will help keep them healthy and thriving.

Trees, Shrubs & Beds

Ensuring your flower beds are maintained and looking their best all season long is a difficult job. Let Scape-Abilities do the work for you with our Beautiful Beds and Tree & Shrub programs. These programs are tailored to your specific requirements.

Flower beds Scape-Abilities Scotch Plains

Trees & Shrubs

Tree & Shrub Treatment

  • What: To deter insects and improve the health of your plants, we provide a three-visit program consisting of one horticultural oil spraying followed by two deep root or drench treatments. We use horticultural or dormant oil during the first treatment followed by Holganix and PCH bio-nutrient fertilizer for the second and third treatments.
  • When: A two week window near March 1 (oil), March 30 (fertilizer) and September 15 (fertilizer).

Deer Repellent stop icon

  • What:A spray repellent that will keep deer away from your valuable plants and trees. We use “eco-friendly” Deer-Out©, a menthol based repellent and will occasionally change the product for effectiveness.
  • When: Every 30 to 45 days depending on the season.



Flower Bedsshears icon

Beautiful Beds

  • What: Recurring visits to prune plants, weed beds and monitor for pests or other potential issues with your landscape. We most commonly hand prune to promote healthy re-growth.
  • When: Monthly visits for beds run from April to December. Late spring and mid to late summer for pruning.

Pruning Only 

  • What: Prune plants and monitor for pests or other potential issues with your landscape.
  • Weeding of the beds during these visits can be performed upon request.
  • When: Two visits a year: mid summer and mid fall.

Bed Mulch and Edge

  • What: We clean the beds, hand cut a new edge and install hardwood mulch. Cedar, Hemlock, Root and dyed mulches are also available. This helps suppress weeds, moderate soil temperature and retain moisture.
  • When: Recommended for the spring but can be done at other times during the growing season.

Bed Pre-Emergent Weed Control

  • What: Application of a Snapshot©, granular chemical, before mulching to help suppress weed growth.
  • When: During the same visit as mulching.


Where We Work



Scape-Abilities has been serving customers in the New Jersey counties of Union and Somerset since 1991. 

You can see our crews hard at work in these towns:

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